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Two Men I Wish I Hated

This is Cy.  We met online.  He lives in San Francisco and I live near Boise, ID.  We chatted and chatted and he suggested that I move down to SF with him.  Then things started to change.  At first I had regarded his suggestion as fantasy, but then I thought that maybe I could go to SF.  I started asking questions about logistical moving/living together things and he started to become distant.  After a while we stopped talking.  It was hard to kinda give up on him, he helped me get through a very difficult time in my life.  He inspired me to shave my head, something that I never thought I’d do but am very glad I did.  I wish I hated him, it would be it so much easier to see him online and to get over thinking that something wonderful could have happened.

This is Ryann.  Yes, two n’s.  I also met him online.  This time it was differnt.  We lives around Boise, too, so we’ve actually met.  More than once.  And complicated things.  Ryann and I are an interesting match.  Well, not so much at match.  We want differnt things from each other, or rather the same thing (long story).  The last time I saw him (3 weeks ago) he was pushing me out the door after a failed attempt to get into my pants (agian, long story).  Fate has been keeping us apart (or is it something else?) and we have only been texting short, shallow things back and forth every other day.  I’m sure he’s lost interest.  I wish I hated him so that I could no be so sad that I haven’t seen him.


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